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Standard Size Full Aluminum Servo

Type Standard
Product Name HS-6402-HV KD1 Standard Size Full Aluminum Servo
Part Name HS-6402-HV
Power Supply 6.0V~8.4V
Speed (sec/ 60°) @6.0V: .086 sec/60° @7.4V: .07 sec/60° @8.4V: .062 sec/60°
Torque (oz/in) @6.0V: 296.45 oz-in) @7.4V: 366.85 oz-in @8.4V: 416.40 oz-in
Torque (kg/cm) @6.0V: 21.43 kg-cm @7.4V: 26.43 kg-cm @8.4V: 30.00 kg-cm
Dimensions 40x37.80x20 mm
Weight 72g
Range up to 400Hz
Center Position 1520us
Applications Helicopter Cyclic
Metal Case XC-18
Hardware Parts Xpare-01
Gear Set P/N XGS7232S
Wire P/N XW-15 / XW-30

● Developed and tuned by World Champion Helicopter Master, Kyle Dahl.
● Global 3D 2017 Competition Winning Servo.
● Ultra High Responsive cyclic algorithm software.
● Quick release cable that allows easy and quick installation for all helicopters.
● Brushless motor design provides extremely high speed, top efficiency, and low power consumption.
● 4096 resolution and SIC (Single Integrated Circuit) for the highest performance and durability.
● All Aluminum case for the best thermal dissipation and durability.
● Strong Metal Gear
● Glitch-free
● Sophisticated error correction
● High-Speed, High-precision 12-bit AD converter and CPU calculation
● Fail safe
● Over current protection
● Over temperature protection
● Start sonorant
● Operating frequency up to 400Hz